• Mrs. Shannon Reynolds
    Room 307


    Contact Information
    Phone: (607) 698-4225


    For ELA 7, students will need to bring their ELA folders and laptops to class each day.  Notes will be available as handouts and electronically in the online notebook (One Note).  My One Note is named ELA 7 and all 7th-grade students should be able to access it by logging on to their Microsoft 365 online account.  Students will also be using spiral notebooks for drafting their creative pieces and essays, which will be kept in an organized place in the classroom.  These notebooks will be the workspaces for trying out ideas in writing and keeping personal spelling lists.
    In my class, as in others, students are expected to be responsible, respectful and positive.  
    Mrs. Reynolds' expectations can be summarized in the PASS acronym below:

    P. -- Prepare for class.
    A. -- Attitude is everything!  Be respectful & positive.
    S. -- Strive to do your best.
    S. -- Stay focused on your goal(s).