• The Gift of a Year:
    Readiness Kindergarten


    Who is eligible?


    Any child who is five years old on or before December 1st of the current school year.



    How are students selected for the program?


            Age and maturity

            Readiness K is a choice program for parents who feel that their child could use an extra year to grow before they enter Kindergarten.


    How does Readiness Kindergarten differ from Kindergarten?


            Readiness Kindergarten is not intended to replace Kindergarten.

            It is an extra year for students to develop at their own pace.

            Readiness Kindergartners enter Kindergarten with self-confidence and a love of school.


    What is the curriculum like in Readiness Kindergarten?


    Children learn through songs, centers, poems, hands-on materials, movement and a letter of the week.