• Journal Writing/Writing Stages


    Your child’s journal will show you the stage of writing he/she is at.  Writing is a developmental skill and it is so exciting to see the child grow as a writer.  Your child’s journal will show you what stage of writing they are at.


    Unrelated letters

    At this stage, the child realizes that writing is made up of letters.  This writing consists of a string of letters that the child knows how to write, but it does not spell anything or relates to the sounds of the words the child wants to communicate.


    Name Writing

    Often the first word a child learns to write is his/her name.  At this stage, he/she will use it in their writing.



    The child can hear the dominant letter sounds in the words he/she wants to write. Usually the writing consists of the beginning consonants sounds of the words.


    Familiar words/sight words

    The child can write words from memory, such as cat, mom, dad, and dog.


    Vowel Sounds

    The child begins to insert vowels into words and realizes that a word cannot be a word without a vowel.


    Sentence Writing

    The child can communicate by writing a single sentence to convey a thought.   There are spaces between words and may have punctuation.


    Story Writing

    The child uses several sentences to make up a story.