• Money

    On occasion, it will be necessary for your child to bring money to school.  Special envelopes are sent home for lunch and afternoon milk money.  Always send money in a sealed envelope with the following information:

    1. Your child’s first and last name

    2. The amount of money

    3. The purpose for the money (book order, ice, cream, etc.)

    4. My name


    Lunch, milk, and ice cream money is sent directly to the cafeteria first thing in the morning, so this information is important and saves me time.  Also, if the envelope is left on the bus or dropped in the hallway, this information will help the money to be returned to my classroom.


     Lunch  Prices


        Lunch:                             $2.00

        Milk                                 .65

        Breakfast                      1.00

        Ice Cream/Snacks          .65
        Reduced Lunch              .25

    Each child has their own account and an ID card that gets scanned each day.  You can pre-pay as far ahead as you like.

    Afternoon Milk

     Afternoon milk is 65 cents a day.  Milk for the week needs to be paid for on MONDAYS.   (If your child is absent on Monday-it needs to be purchased on the day they come back to school). 


    ***Note: We will not have afternoon milk the first week of school.