• Month & Week  Unit topic Essential Vocabulary 
    September, week one Introduction to 7th Grade geography, latitude, longitude, Equator, Prime Meridian, cartographer, 
    September, week two Geography weather, climate, elevation, tributary, plain, altitude, Atlantic and Pacific
    September, week three Ancient American Civilizations glacier, artifact, archaeology, culture area, civilization, theory
    September, week four Ancient American Civilizations hieroglyphics, terrace, the Land Bridge, architecture, agriculture
    October, week one Ancient American Civilizations North America, South America, Mesoamerica, Bering Strait, Alaska, Strait
    October, week two Exploration colony, conquistador, mission, plantation, cultural exchange, 
    October, week three Exploration Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, Francisco Pizarro, 
    October, week four Exploration Hernan Cortes, Leif Erickson, Tainos, Vikings, Asia, Europe
    November, week one Colonization  
    November, week two  Colonization Primary Source, Proprietay, Hudson River, New England, apprentice
    November, week three Colonial America charter, representative government, Mayflower Compact, toleration,
    November, week four Colonial America John Smith, Pocahontas, Pilgrims, Puritans, town meeting,  Sabbath
    December, week one Pre- Revolutionary War Proclamation Act of 1763, Stamp Act, Sugar Act, Intolerable Acts
    December, week two Pre- Revolutionary War French and Indian War, Militia, Ally, Petition, Ratify, Neutral
    December, week three Pre- Revolutionary War Iroquois, Appalachian Mountain Range, Canada, Great Lakes
    December, week four Pre- Revolutionary War Albany Plan of Union, mercantilism, triangular trade, boycott
    January, week one Review  
    January, week two Revolutionary War Patriot, Loyalist, 
    January, week three Revolutionary War Saratoga, Lexington, Valley Forge, Yorktown, Boston, Philadelphia
    January, week four Review  
    February, week one Constitution Delegates, Electoral College, Constitution Convention,
    February, week two Constitution Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, Judicial Branch, Federalism
    February, week three Constitution Implied Powers, Seperation of Powers, Precedent, compromise
    Constitution Federalists, Anti-Federalists, Marbury v. Madison, Judicial Review
    Constitution Amendment, appeal
    February, week four Louisianna Purchase Louisiana Purchase, Missouri and Mississippi River, Continental Divide, 
    Louisianna Purchase Rocky Mountains, Great Plains
    March, week one War of 1812 Washington DC, Isolation, Embargo, nationalism
    March, week two Industrial Revolution Urban, Rural, Interstate, Intrastate, Immigrants, Migration, Factory
    March, week three Industrial Revolution (EC) Erie Canal, Canal, Aqueduct, turnpike, commerce
    March, week four Native American Challenges Nomadic, Spoils System, Indian Removal Act, Trail of Tears, Compliance
    March, week five  Westward Expansion Manifest Destiny
    April, week one Texas The Alamo, Annex, Siege
    April, week two Texas/Mexico Mexican War, Mexico, The Gulf of Mexico, Gulf
    April, week three The North and the South telegraph, locomotive, cotton gin
     May, week one The North and the South "the South", the Seneca Falls Convention, Suffrage, reform
    May, week two Pre - Civil War underground railroad, abolitionist, sectionalism
    May, week three Pre- Civil War Cede, Tariff, Cash Crop, Oppression, Missouri Compromise
    May, week four Civil War Abolish, Emancipation Proclamation, Gettysburg
    June, week one Civil War Dred Scott, Bleeding Kansas, 
    June, week two Review  
    June, week three Review  
    June, week four Review