Course Overview

    This is a full year course and will cover Euclidean geometry, coordinate geometry, constructions, and trigonometry.  The course is centered on deductive reasoning and proofs.  Aspects of two-dimensional and three-dimensional figures will be explored.  The Geometry Regents exam will be administered at the conclusion of the course.


    You will be given an assignment each day.  The assignments must be neat, complete, and your best effort.  Any incomplete assignments will not be accepted.  You are responsible for doing your homework even if you are absent. 


    You will have quizzes each unit.  Each quiz will cover one or two topics.  There will be both announced and unannounced quizzes.  I will drop the lowest quiz grade each marking period.


    Tests will be given at the end of each unit.  Retesting is possible.  You must prove to me that you have studied to retest.  Proof may be test corrections with complete work shown or advisement time in my room.


    We will take notes in class each day.  You are responsible for keeping a neat and organized notebook.  Periodically notebooks will be graded for a quiz grade.  If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get the notes you missed for your notebook.

    Grading Rubric

    Homework 10%
    Quizzes 30%
    Tests 60%

    Extra Help
    I am available for math help at various times throughout the school day and after school.  You must request assistance in advance to ensure my availability.