• Notebook Rubric

    4 (95-100%)  The notebook is complete and demonstrates that the student can:
    • Organize and neatly record information on a record sheet (student sheets within notebook).
    • Create and use the models and multiple representations of data/information (charts, tables, graphs, etc.).
    • Make reasonable predictions throughout investigations and compare results.
    • Estimate measurements using personal references to standard units.
    • Communicate with clarity and precision:  explanations are communicated clearly based on evidence gathered from investigations.

    3 (85-94%)  The notebook is mostly complete but not at the level above.  The content represents minor errors or omissions on individual items.

    2 (66-84%)  The notebook is nearly complete but not well developed.  The contents are insufficient, incorrect, or without sufficient depth or detail.
    1 (65% and below)  The notebook is disorganized:  there are major flaws or omissions.  The content generally represents a lack of focus or effort.
    0  The notebook is not submitted.