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    Unit Three PowerPoint Notes


    Unit 3 Project Websites:  

    Remember, first "3rd party shop"  and choose two you are intersted in.  Use their website / homepages for your research.  

    Ballotpedia - For list of ballot approved US political parties 

    Votesmart - For list of New York State parties 


    Primary Parties - use there websites for your research.  

    GOP - the Republican Party's offical website 

    Democratic Party - offical website 


    Can't find your topic on their home pages?   It is okay to use a secondary source, but make sure to cross check your information.  

    And, remember, if their home website has a lot of information about a particular topic (or four), it is likely a very important topic to them.  

    On The Issues 

    PEW Reseach Center 

    Pro Con

      We the people...