• Why Music?

    I believe music is essential to being human. It is incorporated into so many facets of life and society that it is hard to imagine life without it. Therefore, I believe every child has an inborn, natural right to experience and perform music.

    In the elementary music classroom, we are constantly exploring. We explore pitch, duration, articulation, culture, texture, form, and style in new ways and in greater depth at each grade level. Music is naturally a performance subject so we are constantly "doing" in my classroom - singing, moving, performing on instruments, listening, acting, dancing, dicussing, and sharing. I believe this is the best way to experience and to explore all that is music.

    In the older grade levels and ensemble experiences we dive deeper into many musical aspects introduced in the elementary level. We realize many musical elements on a more intricate, specific choral level. We explore and foster dynamics, tempo, historical context, singing technique, listening/harmonizing, emotional connections, and more all through a wide variety of repertoire. Singing in a choral ensemble is one of the best ways to encourage cooperation, teamwork, diligence, and pride in oneself and team.

    Please don't hestiate to contact me with any questions about your child's experience in music!

Music Note