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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

  • Turtle Craft

    Posted by Sasha Rigas on 5/31/2020

    Hello Pre kindergarten. This is the last project I will be assigning for the school year. I hope you all have a happy and healthy summer. I can't wait to see you all in the fall.

    Turtle Craft

    Click Here to go to Krokotak.com and view the fun turtle craft. There are also many more fun crafts on this website you could have fun doing as well. Make sure you print the template of the turtle which is also on the website. Make sure you color the turtle and all of its stripes before you glue it together.

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  • The Tiny Seed

    Posted by Sasha Rigas on 5/25/2020

    The Tiny Seed

    The Tiny Seed (The World of Eric Carle): Carle, Eric, Carle, Eric ...ities.

    Flower Potatoe stamping:

    Another Eric Carle book I really enjoy is the Tiny Seed. Click Here to read along.

    Click Here To go to the lesson directions (near the bottom of the page). 

    For the stem and leaves, you can cut it out of green paper, draw it with a marker, or paint it with a paint brush and green paint.

    For extra fun: glue bird seeds, sunflower seeds, or dried beans in the center of the flower.




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  • Coffee Filter Monsters

    Posted by Sasha Rigas on 5/17/2020

    Coffee Filter Monsters

    These coffee filter monsters are SO FUN to make and they look amazing! They'd look great hung up on the wall or window! This is such a fun Halloween craft for kids. It would also be a great craft for a monster themed birthday party. Such a simple way to make some non-spooky Halloween decor! With so many ways to colour and decorate, no two monsters will be exactly the same! 

    These Coffee filter monsters are so cute! Click Here to learn how to make a coffee filter monster. There is also a video to watch, after the ad finishes.

    Tips: If you do not have water droppers, you can use a spray bottle with water. 

    If you do not have markers, you can use watercolor paint.

    If you do not have googly eyes, you can draw eyes on white paper, cut them out and glue them on your monster.

    Have fun!

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  • Mouse Paint

    Posted by Sasha Rigas on 5/10/2020

    Mouse Paint Book by Ellen Stoll Walsh

    Watch the story Mouse Paint Click Here It’s a simple and fun picture book about three mice who find some paint and learn about mixing colors. The red mouse stepped into a yellow puddle and did a little dance. His red feet stirred the yellow puddle until…

    What colors do you get when you mix two primary colors (red, yellow and blue) together? Print the PDF Click Here or draw one that looks similar to it.

    1. Pour a drop of red paint on the red paint bottle.

    2. Pour a drop of blue paint on the blue paint bottle. 

    3. Pour a drop of yellow paint on the yellow paint bottle. 

    4. Using a cotton ball, dab the red paint in the middle section that says purple and try to fill in the area. With a different cotton ball get a small dab of blue and mix/dance right on top of the red that you just painted. Do it while it is still wet, or the paint will not mix. 

    5. Using a new cotton ball, dab blue paint in the section that says green and try to fill in the area. With a different cotton ball, get a small dab of yellow and mix/dance right on top of the blue you just painted. 

    6. Using a new cotton ball, dab red paint in the section that says orange and try to fill in the area. With a different cotton ball, get a small dab of yellow and mix/dance right on top of the red you just painted. 

    You should now have made the three secondary colors: orange, green and purple.

    I hope you enjoyed dancing and mixing your paint!

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  • Germs: Straw Blown Painting

    Posted by Sasha Rigas on 5/3/2020

    It seems appropriate to talk about Germs. 

    Snot contains strong sugars to tame germs | News | nny360.com

    Watch and listen to these two books about Germs:

    Click Here

    Click Here

    To learn how to make your Watercolor Germ's: 

    Click Here

    If you do not have liquid watercolors, you can take a top off of a marker, and put it in a small cup of water. Your water will turn into the color of the marker. I like to do this with markers that are starting to run out. It uses up what is left of the ink in the marker. 

    You can also use the tray watercolors by using a little more water so it pools in the tray just a little. Then use a paint brush to drop small globs of watercolor on your paper. Then you are all set to use a straw to blow around the paint to make your germs. Remember blow out. If you suck in, you will get a mouth full of paint. Yuck!! Have fun. 

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  • The Grouchy Ladybug

    Posted by Sasha Rigas on 4/26/2020

    This is a great May lesson to read one of my pre-k favorite stories: Click Here: The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle. Students find this story so amusing and love the part when the great big whale smacks the ladybug back to his leaf. It’s a good lesson on being kind and friendly instead of mad and grumpy.

    After reading the story, they will use their cutting skills to cut a bumpy line for their dirt and strips of green for the grass to be glued to their backgrounds.

    Students will create however many ladybugs they want and glue them to their grass and sky. Make sure to add six legs and some tiny antennae to finish off their bugs.

    Lesson Pland and example:Click Here

    Coloring page: Click here

    Extra project for fun: Click Here- Easy Paper Plate Ladybug

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  • Spring Snail

    Posted by Sasha Rigas on 4/19/2020

    Hey Pre-K friends. It's getting to be that time of the year when all the creeping crawling bugs and slugs come outside. Here is a fun craft to do at home with a few simple craft supplies. If you do not have tissue paper, you can use any colored paper you have around the house. I can't wait to see your snail!


    For directions click here:https://www.scholastic.com/teachers/articles/teaching-content/spring-snail-craft/

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  • Make and Bake Clay

    Posted by Sasha Rigas on 4/13/2020

    Hey Pre-K I think you will enjoy this. Here is an easy recipe to make clay at home. Once you make your clay, you can form it into all differnt kinds of creative sculptures. Below are some pictures of examples you could try to make or come up with your own ideas. I look forward to seeing your finished sculptures.

    Here is a Link for making saltdough with color: Salt Dough Recipe

    Salt Dough


    Hand Print Pinch Pot

    Shapes creatures


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Pre-K Chicks
  • Pre-K Chicks

    Posted by Sasha Rigas on 4/6/2020
    Look what's hatching in Pre-K!
    Hello all my pre-k friends. I miss all of you! While you may not be able to go to art class to make a fun project, you can still be creative at home. Here are directions to making your own hatching chick. Have fun and Happy Easter!
    1. Use a yogurt cup to trace a circle on a white piece of paper. Draw a triangle (for the neck). Color both shapes yellow and cut them out.
    2. Draw a big oval on white paper. Cut it out. Then cut a zig zag line across the middle so it looks like a broken egg.
    3. In the middle of a blue piece of paper, glue the circle and triangle so that the circle (head) is overlapping the triangle (neck) at the point. 
    4. Glue the eggshells above and below the chick.
    5. Add tissue paper or green paper cut into triangles for the grass. 
    6. Rain may be added by ripping small blue pieces of paper.
    7. Glue on googly eyes or white paper circles with a black dot in the middle for the eyes.
    8. Make an orange triangle and glue it down for the beak. 
    9. If you do not have yellow feathers, you can use any color feathers, or make your own feathers by drawing 2 long skinny triangles and coloring it in with yellow. Glue down where the neck of the bird is.
    I can't wait to see your finished hatched chicks! Send me an email with your finished project and I will add it to the webpage for everyone to see. 
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