• Rules and Expectations
    1. Come in and sit in your exercise spot quietly.
    2. Listen and follow directions.
    3. Be prepared for class (students must wear proper sneakers, no gum or food, jackets for outside, swim grades 2-4 students must bring a towel for girls a one piece suit, boys proper fitting swimming trunks).
    4. Worry about yourself
    5. Keep your hands and feet to yourself (unless you are instructed otherwise for a game).
    6. Show good SPORTSMANSHIP and possess a positive attitude.
    7. Line up without pushing.
    8. Ask permission before getting a drink or going to the bathroom.
    9. Take all excuses to the nurse (Mrs. Butler) first thing in the morning before homeroom.
    10. Report to Physical Education Class first before going to their band lesson to see if there are any tests being given.
    11. No jewelry
    12. Show respect and be responsible for your actions.
    Consequences for misbehaving
    1st offense- verbal warning
    2nd offense- student will be sent to time out for 5-10 minutes.  Anyone who is sent to time out will receive a U for unsatisfactory behavior for participation.
    3rd offense- student will sit out one class period and will complete a writing assignment
    Grades are Based on:
    Participation, Classroom Behavior, Skills and Knowledge