• Resource room is an opportunity for students with disabilities to receive skill instruction and academic support from a certified teacher. 

    Expectations for Resource Room:

    • Be ready to work! During resource room time students will be working on skills directed by their IEP either through homework assignments or skill instruction as designed by the resource room teacher.   
    • Keep an agenda!  Students should write down all assignments.  It is their responsibility to know what is happening in the classroom. 
    • Be prepared for each class!  This includes having their books, paper, pencil, notebook, and homework.
    • Put heading on all papers!  The heading is to include their name, the date, the class, and the assignment.  Assignments do get lost and without a heafolderding it is impossible to locate assignments, and who wants to do it twice.   
    • Do their homework!  Students should attempt to do the assignment independently and ask for help when needed.  There is not enough time in resource room to complete assignments in their entirety.
    • Keep an organized notebook! Each core subject requires some type of notebook or binder which is graded throughout the year.