• Welcome to Mr. Button's Page!!
    Our resource room is centered around growth and responsibility.  We try to foster independence, as well as a comfort level that is effective in allowing each student to work at his/her own ability levels.  With your support at home we can be successful! 
    The 9th/8th Grade Team:
    Miss Markel: Living Environment
    Mrs. Bittel: English 9
    Mrs. Sarvis: Math 1/Algebra
    Mr. Amidon: Global Studies 1
    Mrs. Robbins: Social Studies 8
    Mr. Koehler/Mr. Brooks/Mr. Harkenrider/Miss Knapp: Physical Education/Health
    Miss Matteson: Studio Art; Crafts
    Mrs. Russell/Miss Wuest: Spanish
    Mrs. Jacobs: Keyboarding; Career Explorations
    Mr. Olsen/Mrs. McInroy: Chorus-Orchestra/Band
    Mr. Button's Contact Information:
    Phone: (607)-698-4225 Ext. 2302