• sporty

    Every sport has different skills to learn, just like each academic discipline.
    We do not all learn or process information the same.
    Individualized, (part of IEP) is what your child will receive.
    Fair doesn't mean EQUAL, Fair is getting what YOU NEED.
    For those students who have Consultant Teacher on their IEP, I will be supporting them in their academic classes as well as in Support Class.  In Support class, I include reviews of information learned in the core academics, begin homework, practice various study skills and organize materials and lockers. The purpose of consultant teacher service is to provide assistance to your child to help them succeed in the mainstream.  Support class is designed to teach skills that will help your child achieve.  Support services are different for every student.  Below is the type of reinforcement/ adapting and or modifications that are typically planned.  Not all are used every week, but used when needed or specified by the IEP plan.
    1.        No modification needed
    2.        Pre teach material
    3.        Re-teach Material
    4.        Utilize graphic organizer
    5.        Create manipulative organizer
    6.        Extra Practice
    7.        Develop study guide
    8.        Utilize study game
    9.        Read assignment
    10.     Color Code –highlight
    11.     Mnemonic device
    12.     Incentive Program
    13.     Assist with Homework
    14.     Reduce number of unit outcomes
    15.     Alter pace of instruction
    16.     Modified notes
    17.     Completed notes
    18.     Guided Homework sheet
    19.     Modified quiz
    20.     Modified test
    21.     Book on tape
    22.     Special seating
    23.     Small Group activity
    24.     Choices Given
    25.     Directions Clarified
    26.     Utilize Computer
    27.     Spell Checker
    28.     Math DVD
    29.     Calculator
    30.     Multiplication Chart
    31.     Allow to write on board
    32.     Assignment sheet checked
    33.     Locker organized
    34.     Extended time to complete assignment
    35.     Extra support period
    36.     Other
    With continued communication and dedication from you, your child and myself, we will all make it happen.
    get started
    So ,let's jump in and get started!
    play hard
    Work hard and give it our best!
    cross the line
    And we will all make it to that finish line!