• Art Rules and Consequences           raising hands

    1.  Be Responsible. Complete homework projects on time and wear paint shirts when necessary. 

    2.  Follow directions. 

    3.  Respect Others (teachers and students)  Raise hands to ask questions  listen during directions, keep hands and feet to self, do not swear, argue or call each other names.

    4.  Keep noise and movement to a minumum.  (no running, no horseplay, and no yelling).

    5.  Put materials away neatly.  Do not throw objects.

    6.  Food, Gum, Drinks allowed only with permission.

    7.  Phone strickly for teachers use.

    Bathroom- 1 person at a time with permission.


    If the student breaks these rules:

    1.  Warning- Verbal

    2.  Name in book (loss of priviledges)

    3.  Notify Parents - may include note sent home, phone call or extra assignment.

    4.  Sent to the office.