• Objectives
    All students in grades 3 through 8 will take a state exam in the Spring of 2016.  We will be working diligently toward meeting Common Core State Standards (CCSS) as described for the seventh grade.  In order to meet these we will exercise the mathematical practices the CCSS has outlined. If you would like an idea of the type of preparation activities and exercises the class will be engaged in you can view them on the following site: Core Standards Another site you may find informative is: EngageNY While these standards and practices will remain the focus in our classroom, we also have an underlying goal of developing fluency in solving two-step equations.
    Throughout all of this we will strive toward improving basic computation, critical thinking skills, problem solving abilities, and math attitudes in general. The seventh grade math curriculum is a huge challenge.  With the students’ continuous dedication, 100% of my efforts as a teacher, and with strong support and encouragement at home I am confident that each student will grow not only academically but will also experience growth in character and self awareness.