• Procedures & Expectations

    Students are to conduct themselves in a respectful manner and show respect for others.  While in class they must maintain the behavior and attitude that promotes a positive learning environment for all.  For the regular 7th grade class our district has adopted the state created modules therefore there will be no textbook.  All classwork will be completed using the district provided iPads, therefore it is of greatest importance that the iPad is fully charged and available for classtime each day.  Each student has been given space in the room to store a folder if paper or supplies become necessary.  The students in the accelerated 7/8 class will be using a textbook and are required to bring it with them to class each day, as well as have their iPads.  Students are to be in the room at the beginning of class when the bell rings. They are to remain seated throughout the duration of class unless engaged in planned activities.  When the dismissal bell rings they are to remain seated until verbally dismissed by the teacher.  Failure to meet these expectations may result in a reduced participation grade.