• Course:                                   AmericanHistory 1

    Grade:                                    7th Grade

    SchoolYear:                           2011 – 2012

    Instructor:                              Mr. Griffin

    ContactInformation:             jgriffin@cgcsd.org


    Social Studies Grading Profile:

    CGCS District Grading Profile



    1st Marking Period


    Chapter Tests

    Unit Tests

    2nd Marking Period



    3rd Marking Period





    4th Marking Period



    In-Class work

    Final Project



    Essay preparation

    Score for marking period


    Score for the year




    Itis required that all students bring their own textbook, pencil/pen and notebookto class daily. Failure to do so may result in a reduced participation grade.


    Studentsare to be in their seats at the beginning of class when the bell rings. Theyare to remain seated throughout the duration of class unless engaged in plannedactivities. When the dismissal bell rings they are to remain seated untilverbally dismissed by the teacher.


    Studentsare to listen respectfully while others are speaking. This includes instructionby the teacher, as well as comments made by classmates during classdiscussions, and while they are asking or answering questions. Failure to show thisrespect may result in a reduced participation grade.


    Classroom Rules

    In Door – In Seat

    Talk at appropriate Times

    Do Not use Negative Speech

    Keep Hands, Feet, and Objects to Yourself

    Stay Focused and on Task


    Homework/Class Schedule

    Monday – HW – Vocabulary, Writing Preparation, Reading Guides


    Tuesday – Writing Preparation, Reading Guide, Worksheets


    Wednesday – HW – Review Assignment or Final Draft, Preparation for Projects


    Thursday – Exam Days/Essays Project Due


    Friday – No HW given on Fridays – possible exceptions


    Students will havehomework on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday each week. The above chart is aguideline as to what type of assignment to expect for that day. As a generalguide homework will not be assigned on Fridays. Assignments are expected on thedue date. Any assignment not handed in on the due date will be considered late.Late assignments will be accepted for a late grade until Monday of thefollowing week. When the student reaches two assignments not submitted or twolate assignments parents/guardians will be notified.