Classroom Overview &



    The purpose of the Resource Room/Student Learning Center is to supplement content area and provide content support.The priority of the high school  resource room is to work toward achieving student’s goals on their Individual Education Plan (IEP). Both the Resource Room and Student Learning Center allows for  re-teaching and presenting concepts from the general education curriculum through a multi-sensory approach. Students will complete daily assignments, prepare for all test/quizzes, work on organizational skills and complete supplementary activities provided by me. 


    The Students are expected to:


    1)     Keep a Daily agenda – write down all assignments

    2)   Maintain a homework folder

    3)    Keep an organized notebook/binder and folder for each class

    4)   To be prepared for class with all needed materials to include: pen/pencils, textbooks, binder/notebook, homework folder and daily agenda.

    5)    To be on time