• Chorus Expectations



    1. Students will show respect to the teacher (including substitutes) and other students in the classroom at all times.



    1. Chorus grades are determined by the following criteria: 4 for singing and being attentive through the entire rehearsal.  3 for lack of participation but no disruptive behavior.  2 for a student who exhibits a lack of participation and is spoken to for chewing gum, talking, bothering another student, etc.  A 1 will be given to any student who refuses to participate in a rehearsal at all or a student who is sent out of the class to refocus.



    1. All music needs to be handled with respect and responsibility. Students must take good care of music that is handed out.  Each piece of music is costly to the school district.



    1. No one is to touch any of the instruments in the classroom (including the piano) or any of the teacher’s materials.



    1. Concert attendance is mandatory! Make provisions NOW for getting to and from both concerts.  (See schedule that will be sent home).



    1. Concert dress is mandatory! Concert dress is as follows:  black PANTS and white blouse or shirt.  Pants and top must meet the school dress code.  Be aware that when you sit down your shirt and pants may separate in the back – make sure your shirt is long enough to prevent this.  Please also wear black shoes.


    1. Have fun! Chorus should be a fun class to just relax and sing together.







    I understand and will abide by the above rules and expectations.




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