All students are expected to participate in all activities.  We do a lot of singing, playing classroom instruments, computer activities and music games.  Every student is expected to participate fully in each of these activities.  
                Each grade will have an instrument unit.  The fifth grade will be doing a unit on percussion ensembles.  Students will learn to play various rhythms on percussion instruments.  The sixth grade will be doing a unit on keyboards.  Students will learn to play simple melodies on the  keyboard and will compose a simple piece for keyboard.
                There will also be a unit on musicals.  Each grade will learn the basics of how musicals are done and will learn the music to a musical.  We will then watch the musical together in class and discuss various aspects of the development and performance of the musical.
                 Sixth grade also does a unit on how music affects how we see things.  They will do a writing unit in which they look at a picture and write a story based on the mood of the music they are listening to at the time.  This activity will then move on to a unit on soundtracks.  Students will develop a storyboard and will come up with a soundtrack to match their movie.
                 Fifth grade will do a unit on Stomp.  They will watch a movie of various Stomp performances.  We will talk about how anything can be used to create music.  We will talk about the various characteristics of music and students will come up with their own Stomp routines.
                Both grades will be required to write a brief biography about a favorite performer who is also a composer.  Each month we have a composer of the month and a few students will be asked to present facts about their favorite composer as well.  Students often ask why we only talk about dead composers, so this is their chance to let us know about their favorite composer.  This activity is graded as a quiz.

                There will be some tests in music class.  There may be some homework during the music theory unit.  There is a written activity on composers each month.  This activity counts as a quiz.

                Discipline is handled in 5th & 6th music by using an individual behavior chart.  Students will have a clothespin and will be asked to move it up or down the behavior chart according to their actions.  If a student is disruptive and impedes the learning of other students or endangers another student, that child will be sent to the office with written work.  If the work is not handed in, the student will receive a zero for the day.  The parents will receive a phone call about the child's behavior.  If disruptive behavior continues, the parents will be contacted to discuss the issues and the student will be written up.

                We do a lot of fun activities in music class, but we work hard to meet the New York State Standards of Music as well.  We do much more than just sing songs and I hope that our varied activities will be enjoyable for your children.  I try to make music fun for everyone. 

                If you have any questions or concerns about the 5th & 6th grade music program, please contact me.  I hope your children have a wonderful year!




                Kristina Smith

                Elementary Music


     I understand and will abide by the above rules and expectations.
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