• What is a Speech or Language Disorder?


    Speech disoders include the following:

    • Articulation Disorders- Difficulty producing specific speech sounds in words. The ability for one"s speech to be understood by others is called "intelligibility." Children with articulation difficulty often have poor intelligibility.

    • Fluency- This includes difficulty with stuttering, there are unusual stops and repetitions in the flow of speech.

    • Voice-Problems with pitch, volume or quality of one"s voice. This includes chronic hoarseness which is common in children and can be caused by abuse to the vocal folds through yelling, or making excessive noises while playing (harsh car noises etc).

    Language disorders:

    • Language disorders can be receptive or expressive

    • Receptive disorders refer to difficulty understanding and processing spoken language

    • Expressive disorders refer to difficulty with communication output. Children with expressive language disorders can have limited vocabulary use and knowledge, the inability to use langauge in a socially appropriate way, or the inability to use grammar appropriately (misuse of pronouns, past tense, plurals etc.)