• Here is a list of questions often asked by parents:
    1. My child brought home a permission to test form, what is this?
    A permission to test form may have been sent home with your child because he or she was referred to a speech pathologist for testing by a classroom teacher due to concerns with your child's speech and/or language. Sometimes we send them home in September because a child was identified as having difficulty on the kindergarten screening procedure. This form must be signed in order for the speech pathologist to test your child for speech services. By signing this form you are also giving permission for your child to be enrolled in services if it is deemed necessary. Please sign and return the form as soon as possible so we can give your child any help he or she may need!
         2.  What are speech improvement services?
    If you child has been tested for possible speech and or language difficulties, he or she may qualify for speech improvement services.  This means that your child may be seen for therapy one to two times per week in small group sessions. The child's delay was considered to be mild and does not require special education services with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).
        3. My child has brought home "speech homework" do we have to do this? Why is it important?
    Your child is not graded on "speech homework" however they will be able to earn stickers on thier speech chart, which will result in them getting to choose a prize from our prize box! YES- this homework is extrememly important! This homework allows the child to practice the skills they have learned in therapy outside of the school setting, this will enable them to carryover these newly learned skills into other environments and will ultimately help them meet their therapy goals faster! The "homework" is meant to be quick and fun and your child will enjoy showing you what they've learned, and as always, they'll love having the one on one time with you!