• Speech and Language of The Five Year Old
    At age five, your child...                                                       
    • Defines object by their use ( you eat with a fork)
    • Knows spatial relations like "on top," "behind," "near," "far."
    • Knows his/her address
    • identifies penny, nickel, and dime
    • has a sentence length of five to six words
    • has a vocabulary of 2000 words
    • uses all speech sounds correctly with the possible exceptions of t,v,l,th,j,z, and zh (as in measure)
    • understands same vs. different
    • counts ten objects
    • carries a plot in a story
    • uses future, present, and past tense
    • stays with one activity for at least ten minutes
    • questions for more information
    • distinguishes between right and left hands in himself but not in others
    • uses all types of sentences, some of which will be complex, for example "I can go in the house after I take off my muddy shoes."