• Dear Parents/Guardians,


    Welcome to Kindergarten!  This year is going to be a wonderful adventure.  I would like to preview several important topics.  After reading this letter, if you have any questions and/or concerns please contact me at school, 698-4225, or via e-mail, mplace@cgcsd.org.


    Accidents Happen

    Please send in an extra set of clothing (shirt, pants, underwear, and socks) to keep at school for the entire year.  Please make sure all items are labeled with your child’s name and placed in a plastic or Ziploc bag.  If an accident happens, your child will have dry, comfortable clothes to change into.


    Arrival & Dismissal

    The children will be assisted off the bus and to our classroom.  If you are dropping your child off, you can park in the front lot and walk your child into the school.  At the end of the day, your child will be walked out to and put on his/her bus.  If you are picking up your child or walking to the school to pick up your child, you can meet them in front of the school, one of the Kindergarten Teachers will be waiting with your child.  For your child’s safety, please make walk to the teacher and identify yourself so the teacher knows you are taking your child.


    Birthday Celebrations

    If you would like your child to celebrate his/her birthday in class, please send me a note one week prior to the celebration (I am flexible with times).  This will allow me to give you an update of any food allergies and our current number of students.  Please note that the birthday parties are for students only.  Many parents work outside the home and are unable to take time off to attend a classroom party, so in order to avoid hurt feelings we ask that the parties are limited to our class.  Birthday treats (cookies, cupcakes, fruit, etc.) are welcomed and encouraged.  Due to school safety regulations, all treats must be store bought.  You may drop off the treat and any other necessary paper products in the main office the morning of your child’s party, or your child can bring the treats in his/her backpack.  Make sure to label the items with your child’s name and my name.


    Book Club

    Scholastic book club orders will be sent home each month.  When placing an order, send in a check made out to Scholastic Book Clubs along with your order form and your child’s name.  There will be a due date on the order form.



    Breakfast will cost $1.00 this year. Reduced breakfast cost is a quarter.

    If you are going to have your child eat breakfast at school, please send in a labeled envelope with your child’s name, my name, amount of money and purpose for the money.  I will make sure this is sent to the cafeteria and put into your child’s account.  Please let me know if your child will be eating breakfast at the school.  Your child will go to the cafeteria when they first enter school and then proceed to our classroom.  If he/she rides a bus, the driver will have a list of students that need to get off the bus early to eat breakfast.  There will be someone available to assist the students to their classroom after breakfast. 



    I would like to stress the importance of communication.  I encourage you to keep the lines of communication open between us.  In order for a fun and successful year it is important that parents, students and faculty work together as a team.  If you ever have questions/concerns please do not hesitate to call me at 698-4225 or send me an e-mail, mplace@cg.wnyric.org. 



    Please check your child’s folder each day after school. 



    Please write your child’s full name on all personal belongings including coats, hats, sweatshirts, gloves, lunches, and backpacks.  This will help to locate any lost items and avoid mixing up personal belongings.  Please label all envelopes containing money with the amount enclosed, purpose and the student’s name.  Any money that is sent in without the purpose for the money written on it, such as lunch, afternoon milk, etc., will be returned. 



    Students will be eating lunch in the cafeteria.  Lunch will cost $1.75.  Reduced lunches are $ .25.   I will help them buy their lunch or get seated if they brought their lunch.  They will eat lunch with their class and a cafeteria aid will assist them.  Please label your child’s lunch if they are bringing it from home.  If your child will buy their lunch at school, please send in their money in an envelope labeled with: student’s name, amount of money, my name and purpose.  I will be sending all lunch money to the cafeteria prior to lunch.  This helps to avoid any lost money and the child’s money will be put into his/her account.  Students will be getting I.D. tags that will be used at lunch to automatically access his/her account. 



    We will be learning about so many things this year that it will be hard to   keep track of everything taking place.  In an effort to keep everyone informed, a weekly newsletter will be sent home each Friday.  Please be sure to read this as it contains important dates, reminders and other pertinent information.



    Please make sure that your child has access to sneakers every day.  We will be going outside to play and sneakers are required for the playground.  You can send in a pair of sneakers to keep in their cubby. 




    Sleep and Schedule

    Please keep in mind that our schedule is exciting, yet demanding and tiring.  Your child may require more rest the first few weeks until they have adjusted to our timetable.  Having a consistent amount of sleep and eating breakfast in the morning is a great way to ensure your child’s success!


    Snack Cupboard

    Please relate any type of dietary needs to our Health Office, Cafeteria Staff and myself.  Every afternoon we will have a snack.  If you would like your child to have milk during snack time, it is $.60.  Please send this in to me in a labeled envelope for afternoon milk; I will make sure the cafeteria staff receives the money. Another option is to send in an extra juice or water for snack time with your child, however I do not have a refrigerator in our classroom.  Our snack program is based on donations that you send in.   These snacks will be compiled and the children will have a choice between two items at snack time.  I encourage healthy snacks such as: crackers, pretzels, peanuts, etc.  No soda or candy please.  I also do not allow the students to have gum in our classroom.  If you would like to pack your child a snack separately, feel free to do so.


    Star of the Week

    I will be putting together a schedule and will let you know which week your child will be our star.  A note will be sent home explaining the week’s events.  Please follow the daily schedule.  I encourage you to help your child practice patience as he/she waits for their turn.


    Surprise Box

    Each week a student will be randomly chosen to bring home the “surprise box.”  Your child will be responsible for choosing an item to put in the box and with your help, write three clues to describe the item in the box.  The next day at school, our class will try to guess what is in the box.



    Please do not allow your child to bring toys and make-up to school.  Children are very generous and sometimes give away their toys and/or share their make-up.  Toys are easily mixed up with our classroom toys as well.  Your child will have a chance to share their special toys from home during their turn as Star of the Week.  Thank you for your understanding.