•   Our Classroom Success Plan 


    The ways we live and work together in our classroom are expectations based on the following:

    1. we help each other.
    2. we respect ourselves, others, and their things.
    3. we keep a safe classroom.
    4. We follow directions cheerfully and quickly.


    Inside your child’s folder you will find a “behavior board.” Dates are listed for the first month of school.  At the end of each day, your child will receive a green, yellow, or red mark.  This coincides with our traffic light management plan.  A green means that smart decisions were made during the day, a yellow indicates some minor disruption to the class, while a red indicates poor decision making.  If there is a red covering a date you will find a “red note” inside the folder with more details of the action/behavior.


    Students receive their “color” at the end of the day as a result of their clothespin on our traffic light.  The red light hangs in the front of the room and each student has their own clothespin that hangs on the green at the beginning of each day.  This signifies the opportunity for a wonderful day full of good choices.  When a student continues to be disruptive after several warning they are responsible for moving their clothespin to yellow.  This is a warning to slow down and think about their actions.  If the student demonstrates a change in behavior they are able to move back to green.  Attitudes can always become positive and second chances are in abundance!  One mistake does not mean that the rest of the day has to be “yellow.”


    In the event that a student is mean and/or unsafe, they will be moved to red.  In this case they are not able to move back to green until the following morning.  This is a serious action and is not taken lightly.  I will sit down with the student to make a “success plan.”  We will work together to determine why the action/behavior occurred and how to keep it from happening again.  Then you will need to sign the plan and return it to school the following morning.


    Please take a moment to review these expectations with your child and return the attached agreement.  Thank you for your support.