• Reading Strategies
    Reading Strategies

    Below is a list of reading strategies (our reading plan) that we use when we get stuck on a word.  I encourage you to refer to this when your child is reading any book to you!


    1. Use your “magic reading finger”!

    ·       Sliding their index finger under the words as they read helps them to focus on each letter sound.

    2. Sound out the word. 

    ·       I tell the kids to imagine they are pulling a piece of bubble gum out of their mouth (ask them to show you).  Sound out the word slowly to listen for each sound.

    3. Use the pictures to help you!

    4. Practice your sight words. 

    ·      There are many in the book.

    5. Match your words to the words on the page.

    ·       This is when the “magic reading finger” is also a good tool.  If there are four words on the page, you should only be “reading” four words.

    6. Look at the first letter.

    ·       If your child is using the picture to help them figure out a word and the picture is an ape and they “read” monkey, point out the beginning letter and sound…they usually figure it out!

    7. Use a word that makes sense

    ·      When all else fails, I encourage the kids to substitute an unknown word with one that makes sense.  This way the child can continue reading and not become frustrated and/or lose the story line.  For example if they are stuck on a hard name I told them to “read” their own name.  It doesn’t change the meaning of the story and they can continue on.
    More strategies to come!