English 9

    As we start this new school year, I would like to welcome you to our English classroom. I am looking forward to a very exciting year in 9th grade English. You will find there are many changes from 8th grade to 9th grade English as you begin a high school level curriculum. I expect your enthusiasm and hard work to go into all we do this year. I expect you to work to your highest potential and I will be available to help you achieve your personal success in English.  English 9 is where you will begin to prepare for the New York State Common Core Assessment in English, which you will take in 11th grade.  The focus of our study will be argumentation writing and text analysis, featuring literary fiction as well as non-fiction texts.



    1. Students will be polite and respectful to each other and adults.

    2. Students will be on time to class and will be prepared with the required materials.

    3. Students will be ready and willing to learn.

    4. Students will be responsible for their own success.


    *I believe that RESPECT for one another is extremely important.

    Everyone is here to learn and has the right to feel safe and comfortable.



    3 ring binder

    Binder dividers

    Lined notebook paper

    Blue/black ink pens & pencils




    1. Expectations and Calendars à this is where you will put this paper and any other important papers that you receive this year. You will also put monthly calendars at the beginning of this section so that you are able to quickly access them.


    2. Current Units à This is where you will store all handouts and activities related to the units we are currently studying. You must hold on to all handouts that you are given and keep your papers in number order. I will keep track of these numbers on the side board for each unit. You are expected to keep all papers in your binder.


    3. Completed Units à This is where you will put any handouts and activities from the novels and units we have completed. You will take the papers out of the current novels section of your binder and place them on top of the previously completed unit.


    4. TR/NF (Text Response/Non Fiction) à This is the section of your binder where you will keep your text response and your nonfiction Tuesday assignments.


    *Binders will be collected periodically for a grade. It is important you keep your binder organized in the manner I expect for this class.



    Performance (Quiz 35%, tests 40%) 75%

    Participation (homework, classwork) 25%


    àHomework is assigned for the specific purpose of practicing skills, or addressing standards that are utilized during the class period.   As such, homework completion is essential in order to demonstrate mastery of standards, and participate in class activities which are centered on the homework previously assigned. 

    àYou will have a monthly calendar that will give you a brief outline of what will be covered each day, as well as when tests, quizzes, projects and assignments are due. 

    àAssignments are expected on time in this classroom. If an assignment is not turned in at the beginning of the class period, students will be able to turn in their work by the end of the day but will lose points on the assignment. No assignment will be accepted past the due date for full credit. The only exception is in the case of an absence or extenuating circumstances. I do understand that there are circumstances that come up but you must see me before or after class to discuss your specific situation. It is YOUR responsibility to turn in assignments on time. You have a calendar and I post assignments on my website.

    If you are absent you need to see me to get any materials you have missed. My policy states that if you are absent one day, you will have one day to make up the work.



    English 9 has been aligned with the new Common Core Learning Standards, with an ultimate goal of college and career readiness. We will begin our year following the Common Core aligned Developing Core Proficiencies Series created by O’Dell Education. The four units we will be covering are:


    Unit One: Reading Closely for Textual Details

    Unit Two: Making Evidence Based Claims

    Unit Three: Researching to Deepen Understanding

    Unit Four: Building Evidence Based Arguments


    These units will be the starting point for skills we will reinforce for the second half of the year, as well as the rest of your high school English career. You will find that these units focus on authentic reading materials, which are published works that may be encountered in daily life, such as magazines, books and newspapers.


    My website can be found on www.cgcsd.org under teacher websites. Click on the link and it will take you to the correct site. You will find homework and monthly calendars listed there.



    If you have any questions or concerns, you may email me at sbittel@cgcsd.org. I can also be reached by phone at 1-607-698-4225 ex 2309.



    I look forward to a positive and successful school year with all of you!

    Mrs. Sarah J. Bittel