• desk Hello! Welcome to the 2019/202 school year! My name is Ashley Boccia and I am a special education teacher for grades second-fourth grade. I have been working in the Canisteo-Greenwood central school district for four years.  I have eight total years of special education experience and this is the type of setting that I love working in the most. 

                  I am a graduate of Geneseo University and Liberty University where I obtained my master’s degree. Special education is my passion and I absolutely love what I do! My goal for my students this school year is to create a classroom that incorporates a rigorous academic curriculum that also focuses on teaching appropriate social, behavioral, and emotional skills. I also strive to create a language rich environment that promotes positive interaction and appropriate manners for all social interactions.

    Please feel free to contact me at any time through email, text message or phone calls. I will always make myself available for any questions you may have.


    Ashley Boccia

    Canisteo-Greenwood Central School

    Special Education Teacher

    Email- aboccia@cgcsd.org

    Phone- 607-698-4225 ext. 1143

    Cell phone 607-382-2549