I am the middle school special education teacher for grades 5-7.  I have an 8:1:1 classrooms, which means 8 students, 1 teacher and 1 classroom aide.  I am fortunate enough to have Mrs. Hammond and Mrs. Henry in my classroom this year to support the classroom.  We are located in room 159.

    I am a graduate of Keuka College, where I recieved my Bachelors Degree in Unified Elementary/Special Education.  I recieved my Masters Degree through Indiana Wesleyan University.  I taught for a special education preschool program for 12 years before coming to CGCSD.  I have had many great experiences with students with special needs.  I have learned that each child is unique and has their own learning style.  It is my goal as  teacher to give each child an opportunity to learn at thier own level.  I will give them the best learning experiences possible in my classroom.  



     Mrs. Stuart

    Special Education Teacher

    Canisteo Greenwood


    607-698-4225 ext. 1159

    Text – 607-382-4472