• 7th Grade Life Science

    Name: Kathy Reynolds
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    Welcome to Mrs. Reynolds" 7th Grade Life Science Web site!   
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    This site provides information for both students and parents. This includes course information, topics covered, homework, and interesting websites to explore for both students and their parents.
    For my students:
    Material covered in class is available by clicking on the appropriate links in the table at the left. Here you will find the student's learning objective for the week, homework, and cool websites to visit with games and information that will enhance your science education.
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    For parents and guardians:
    This site will allow you to see what your child is learning in my class each week. Please encourage you child to use this site as an enrichment to what we are doing in class, to check on homework assignments, to see when the next tests will be, to go over what information from class that they may have missed, and to prepare them for success in their upcoming years in science.