We believe that your children will benefit when you become involved in our parent-teacher organization.  Children learn more and feel more supported when parents, school staff, students and the community work together.


    We realize that your children are so incredibly important to you and that you want the best for them.  We hope that you would like to help us make a difference in the lives of our elementary kids.  We need the assistance of every one of you to create a school community that supports all of our children, teachers and staff.  Would you like to be a part of our activities and initiatives?  Would you like to help make positive changes in the school that will benefit your child(ren)?


    Volunteering doesn’t have to mean a huge time commitment.  We understand it is increasingly more difficult to find time to give, but please, whatever your time schedule allows, we need your help.  We even have tasks that can be performed in the evenings, during the day or that don’t even involve coming to the school at all.


    We invite you to stop by any of our PTO meetings.  Check out our schedule of meetings or send an email to Michelle McCarthy mmccarthy1015@stny.rr.com to ask questions or request more information.  We look forward to meeting you!