Watch for our school-wide Box Top and Campbell's
    Labels for Education contests.
    Maybe your child's class will win something
    special for sending in the most cutouts!
    box tops                            box tops          

    4 easy ways to make a difference!
    1. Clip Box Tops
        Find Box Tops on hundreds of your favorite products.  Each box top is worth 10¢ to our school.  Clip it out and send it to school.  The collection bin is in the library.  Twice each year, Box Tops will send our school a check for each box top we have redeemed up to $20,000.
    2. Education Marketplace
        Sign up for the Marketplace free with Box Tops online.  Get more ways to earn cash for our school - at no additionaly cost to you.  Start every online shopping trip at the Marketplace.  Choose from quality stores like JC Penny and Land"s End.  Our school receives a donation of up to 8% from you qualifying purchase, up to $20,000.
    3. Reading Room
        Now it is easy to earn cash for your school by purchasing books that you love!  Box Tops and Barnes & Nobel have teamed up to offer you the newest way too earn up to  $20,000 each year.  Go to the Box Top Web site and click on Reading Room to begin.
    4. Bonus Box Tops
        Find chances to win bonus box tops for our school each month in the Promotions section of the Box Tops website.
    It"s easy to earn cash for our school.  Sign up today by going to:
    box top bus