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    Go Red for Women

         On February 5th, the Canisteo-Greenwood administrators, faculty and staff participated in the national campaign, Go Red for Women.  All who participated wore red and made a small donation to support education and research of heart disease in women.  Heart disease is the number one killer of women in America.  Thanks to the generous hearts of our administrators, faculty and staff; we donated a total of $484.60 to the American Heart Association. 


    Go Green for Men's Health

         The Canisteo-Greenwood faculty and staff participated in Go Greenon March 17th, to support men’s health issues.  Faculty and staff were encouraged to wear Green and make a small donation.  The district collected a total of $251.55.  These monies were donated to the American Diabetes Association.  Thanks to all who participated.

    winter health


    Eat Healthy This Winter
    Look for fresh, nutritious fruits and vegetables this fall at local farm stands.  You can get the best deals on produce while crops are in season.  It is a great time to try home preserving in order to stock your pantry for winter...just think, you could have great tasting fruits and veggies in January without paying high prices for them at the grocery store! 
    There are several farm stands in the Canisteo - Hornell - Almond area that you can visit.  They sell a variety of local products (such as honey, jams, syrup) as well as fresh produce.  Look for certified organic and "Pride of NY" products.  The "Pride of NY" label means that you are buying produce that was grown in New York State, or even in your local community.