• Beat Stress this Winter

    with these tips from Health Magazine

    5-minute stress busters you can do at work    


    1. Take a little time to "tune out."  Listen to your favorite music (sing or hum along if it's allowed--it increases the calming effect).  And/or view a slide show of your favorite photos on your computer.  Some people also find it relaxing to meditate or practice relaxed breathing for a few minutes.  Of course, you can always try using aromatherapy (such as calming lavender) to help soothe your mind.
    2. Laughter is the best medicine.  Take a few minutes to relive a funny moment or to share some laughs with a colleague.  Or find something humorous on a website, like TheOnion.com to relieve stress. 
    3. Make a connection to a friend or loved one by taking a few minutes to e-mail him or her about what's new in your life.  It can be calming to feel connected to someone.
    4. Release endorphins.  Keep 5- or 8-pound weights under your desk (10- to 15-pounds would probably work for men).  Break them out for a few reps if things get heavy at work.  You can also try some "at-your-desk-stretches", found at http://living.Health.com/2007/10/01/simple-stretches/
    5. Write it down.  Use a journal to vent those negative emotions or just to disconnect for a few minutes.  You can express yourself in writing, typing, drawing, etc.
    6. Sleep on it.  Studies show that a midday nap can be incredibly beneficial to your health, as well as to your alertness, productivity and concentration.  While some employers encourage napping, most people who get 5 or 10 minutes of siesta do it on the sly. 
    7. Take a mental break and engage your brain in some play time.  Allowing your brain to change gears from work mode and giving it some mental exercise (crossword, sudoku, solitaire) can be very refreshing.
    8. Try tea instead of your afternoon coffee break.  Black, white and green teas are reported to help fight cancer and heart disease, as well as boost metabolism.