• It all adds up

    Exercise doesn't have to be done all at once. Encourage your youngster to be active throughout the day - small amounts of time will add up! In general, school-age children should get at least an hour of physical activity each day. Here are some ways to put more exercise into your child's routine...


  • Have her invite friends over for a backyard game of tag or capture the flag.
  • Suggest that she jump rope for 10 minutes.
  • Put on some music, and dance to it.
  • Bike together to the library or a friend's house. Note: For safety, use sidewalks and wear helmets.
  • When you do errands together, park far from the store to encourage more walking time.
  • Take the steps rather than the elevator when you're shopping or at the dentist.
  • Remember: Regular exercise will not only make your child healthier - it will help her sleep better at night and be in better shape to learn and play all day.