• Q&A Too many snacks
    Q:When my child comes home from school, he snacks all afternoon and then isn't hungry for dinner. How can I get him to change this habit?
    A: You may be surprised to know that children actually need snacks. Their stomachs are small, so they can't get all the food and nutrients they need in just three meals a day. The trick is to give your youngster a snack that's both healthy and filling so he will be able to wait until dinnertime to eat again.
         Try giving your child a choice of snacks when he comes home. Offer foods like microwave low-fat popcorn, string cheese and fruit, or "ants on a log" (peanut butter spread on celery stalks and covered with raisins).
         Tip: If your youngster is in daycare after school, find out when they serve the last snack of the day. Ask that your child not have one too close to your dinnertime.