Substitute Information

Welcome to the Canisteo-Greenwood School District. We have updated our sub calling system to AESOP. 

You can go to (your ID number is your 10 digit phone number) to personalize your information, view jobs availability, review current assignments, cancel a job, change your phone number, change your availability, get lesson plans, and many more options for you to choose from.  Feel free to call the school with any questions you have at 698-4225 ext. 2403.

Below are helpful documents in using the AESOP system. 

Substitute Handbook

Quickstart Guide   

Using ASEOP   

Phone Instructions for Substitutes  

How to tell ASEOP you can not work a day so you will not be called. 

Substitute Report Form 

Online Application for Employment    

The Canisteo-Greenwood School District requires fingerprint clearance for all school employees as well as volunteer coaches The one-time cost for this service is determined by the New York State Education Department. For more information regarding fingerprinting, 

click here.