Statement from Tom Crook, Superintendent.

The District received a complaint on June 8th, 2021 from a community member regarding a Board member’s alleged misconduct.   On the same day, the District notified law enforcement and other agencies and is assisting them in the ongoing investigation. 

The District learned from the police on June 10th  that a Board Member, Jason M. Mullen has been charged with Unlawful Surveillance of Camera in the 2nd Degree and 2 counts of Tampering with Physical Evidence.  There is no evidence to date that any students or staff have been physically harmed or that any misconduct occurred on school grounds related to the charges. The Board member has resigned from the Board of Education. 

 Federal Law protecting the privacy of students prevents the District from providing any additional details at this time, as it could lead to the identification, or confirmation of the identification of the students.