Good morning CG Family, I wanted to take a moment to put out a brief message regarding the district’s use of “Rooms.” We are always looking for ways to streamline our communication efforts and offer a tool that is easy to use and centrally located. Last year, the district started working with a company called Apptegy who assisted us not only in our website design and enhancement, but also an app that was more than just a re-direct to our website. We hope that you have downloaded the CG app from your app store to get all the latest communication from the district. We encourage you to allow notifications from the app so you can receive messages straight to your phone, like push notifications that you receive from other applications (social media, text messages, missed calls, etc.). We were introduced to “Rooms” in late spring and have been working with Apptegy to get it up and running for CG. “Rooms” is located directly in the CG app so all you need to do is open the CG app, go the the bottom right-hand corner and toggle to the “Rooms” app, hence being centrally located for your convenience. The idea behind “Rooms” is to provide our staff with an easy communication tool for quick messages to students and parents about essential information for their class or sports team. Our first test run with the program will be with our athletic teams. As with any rollout, kinks will need to be worked out and we ask that you remain patient with the district and, more importantly, the staff as we get them trained and the rosters published. You will begin to see the coach divert away from apps like Remind, Facebook Messenger groups, or texting due to the compliance laws that schools must adhere to for student data protection. Providing our families and staff with easy to use and centrally located communications will only enhance our experience as a CG community. The rollout may be a little muddy and at times frustrating, but we feel that once we work through the infancy stages of getting this rolled out, you will find it to be an effective communication tool. A few stats regarding electronic communication: The open rate for a push notification vs. email is 98% to 20% The notification click-through rate 9.18% higher than any other digital communication rate The average person takes 90 seconds to respond to a notification compared to 90 minutes for an email By downloading the CG app and participating in “Rooms,” our families dramatically increase their chances of getting the latest communication from the district! As we are rolling out “Rooms” and you need assistance logging in, please contact the District Clerk at or call 607-698-4225 ext. 2403. If you have downloaded the app, please make sure you have the most up to date version. Yours in service, Tom
8 days ago, Tom Crook
CG app notifications
For Friday's homecoming games, we will be closing the front loop to spectator parking to place the multiple team buses that will be here from visiting schools. Depending on which game you are here for, we recommend that you arrive early enough to secure a parking spot in either of our parking lots located at the elementary school. As earlier games end and team buses leave, we will open up the front loop for additional parking. GO CG!
13 days ago, Tom Crook
Good afternoon, Today the elementary and high schools had their first of four scheduled lockdown drills. These drills are important tools to practice safety, procedure, and are required by NYS law. The district will conduct three more of these drills throughout the rest of the school year. All students are safe and there was no emergency.
13 days ago, Tom Crook
CG Announces Homecoming Court- Gracie Allen, Diana Morling, Natalie Postilli, Kylie Williamson, Aidan Stewart, Keegan Foote, Will Streeter & Menzo Sharp. Homecoming crowning will take place after tonight's parade and before the pumpkin bowl around 6:30pm. In the event of weather cancellation the crowning will be held at the prep rally on Friday afternoon. Good luck to all!
13 days ago, CGCSD
Good afternoon. We are currently dealing with a power outage at the high school with the fire department assisting with a stuck elevator. We are operating on the generator and all students are safe. High school dismissal will be as normal.
15 days ago, Tom Crook
Dear CG Community, Now that we are in our second week of school and covid cases are being reported, many questions have surfaced around the current covid regulations. Since they have changed so much over the past 2+ years, we wanted to take this time to put out an FAQ document to help clarify. Frequently Asked Questions Regarding 2022-2023 Covid Regulations   Q: If my child is experiencing symptoms, what should I do?  A: As in the past, please keep them at home until symptoms resolve and they are fever free without medication.  Q: Do I need to have my child Covid tested to return to school if they had symptoms?  A: No, but symptoms must be resolved, and they must be fever free without medication.  Q: If someone in my home is positive, do my children who are not positive need to quarantine?  A: No, they are allowed to be in school but please monitor symptoms.  Q: Is my child required to wear a mask if they have been in contact with a positive?  A: No  Q: When is my child required to wear a mask?  A: Only if they are a confirmed positive and they are returning to school any days 6-10. Masks do not need to be worn outside.  Q: How long is my child required to be out of school when they are positive?  A: The required isolation period is 5 days after the date of the test. They may return to school on day 6 and must wear a mask days 6-10.  Example: A student tests positive on a Wednesday. The isolation begins Thursday and ends Monday. The student can return on Tuesday.   Q: Does my child need a negative test to return after they have been positive?  A: No  Q: Is the school doing any contact tracing and will they contact me if there is a positive in the classroom or on a team?  A: No  Q: Does the school need to see the positive test result?  A: No  If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to me and I will do my best to clarify. Yours in service, Tom
21 days ago, Tom Crook
Great news! CG is now livestreaming many sports on the NFHS Network. We have installed NFHS cameras in the elementary and high school gyms, and on the soccer/football field. Most contests in those specific areas can now be found for FREE on our website. CG purchased a district license so anyone can watch the games without the need to pay for a subscription. Go to our district website at the scheduled game time, click on the link in the upper right-hand corner, and stream away! Family and friends can watch your athlete anywhere in the world this school year. *Please know that last minute changes to a schedule may not be streamed.
23 days ago, Tom Crook
Sport Livestream Link
This is just a reminder that starting this coming Monday, September 12th, CG will begin our Late-Arrival Monday routine. All times (bus pick-up, student drop-off, doors opening, etc.) will be pushed back one hour. This will be EVERY Monday for the 2022-2023 school year. If you have a work-related hardship, please contact your building Principal to make arrangements. Thank you for your continued support.
27 days ago, Tom Crook
Dear High School Parents- This year we will be rolling out a parent-teacher messaging center called "Rooms" in the Canisteo-Greenwood app! The same app will be offered for class messages, class announcements for students and parent-teacher chat. Coaches will also use "Rooms" to communicate with parents and athletes. If you have not downloaded our CG app please download it now and stay tuned for future announcements. Download for Android Download for iPhone
about 1 month ago, CGCSD
Please join us TONIGHT for CG Open House. Elementary is 4:30 - 5:30pm and High School is 5:00 - 6:00pm. Cannot wait to see you!
about 1 month ago, Tom Crook
Parents- The 2022-23 Bus schedule has been posted on our website at Please remember these times are estimated times. Give 10- 15 minutes before and after the times suggested. On Monday’s the bus will come an hour later. The routes are still in progress, if you don’t see your address please call the transportation department at 607.698.4225 ext.1301. Please Note-Routes are reflecting the road closures that we still have. As the roads open- routes will change. The transportation department will be closed on Sept 2-Sept 5th.
about 1 month ago, CGCSD
Dear Community, On July 14, 2020, the District put out a message to the community regarding the need to put together a community steering committee to start discussions about whether the district should continue to use the Redskins mascot. We had been in direct conversation with the Seneca Nation regarding the use of the mascot. Because we were dealing with the pandemic and trying to keep school open and everyone safe, the conversation was put on hold. There have been many news stories in New York over the past two years with New York schools being required to change their name (Warriors) and a school district (Cambridge) recently lost an appeal to change their name BACK to the Indians. Just last week, Odessa-Montour announced that they are changing their mascot from the Indians to the Grizzlies. In addition, there currently is a bill in the New York State Senate (S1549E) regarding the use of Native-American mascots by schools. If changing our mascot is on the horizon, we should start addressing it prior to any announcement and do it on our own terms as a community. We are looking for individuals that would be interested in serving on the committee and assisting the district in determining the use of our mascot. We would request that the committee begin their work this summer. Although we do not want to limit the number of people on the committee, our expectations for committee members will be as follows: Attend all scheduled steering committee meetings May be asked to lead a subcommittee Fiscal impact on the district Community Forum Set Up and Engagement New Mascot Selection Process (if recommended or required) Participate in respectful conversation and with an open mind Organize one informational forum for the community. Chosen presenters will provide information on the fiscal impact of changing the mascot, the current cases and bill, and how the selection process will go if recommended or required. The steering committee will submit their recommendation to the community and the Board of Education. If a new mascot is recommended or required, the committee will determine how the selection process will go and may implement it any time after their recommendation. We want to make sure that we have representatives of all interested parties, so we are looking for: Up to 5 community members Up to 5 staff members Up to 5 students PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF OUR CONVERSATION AND NO DECISIONS HAVE BEEN MADE AT THIS TIME. If you are interested in becoming a steering committee member, please email Yours in service, Tom
2 months ago, Tom Crook
Attention all CG Athletes-Want to get ready for the fall season? Bored and need something to do? Want to hang out with the cool people? Need to get fit? CG is offering an Athletic Performance Camp hosted by our Athletic Trainer Leslie Moose on August 9th and 11th at the Elementary School. Register at
2 months ago, CGCSD
Dear Parent or Guardian, Several years ago, the Canisteo-Greenwood Central School District participated in “Late-Arrival Monday” and prior to my arrival in the summer of 2018, the practice had been removed. After spending several years in the district, I have seen firsthand how the Professional Learning Community (PLC) process increases collective teacher efficacy to help our students learn and I am excited about the prospect of what our teachers can do when given the time they need to meet on a regular basis as a team. The PLC process promotes our teachers to work together in teams (currently when their schedules allow) to ask 4 important questions: “What knowledge, skills, and dispositions should every student acquire”? “How will we know that each student has acquired the essential knowledge and skills”? “How will we respond when some students do not learn”? “How will we extend the learning for students who are already proficient”? Through answering these questions professionally with their peers, teachers can adapt and adjust their teaching practices to assist our students in their learning. The teachers learn from each other regarding best practices and collectively become better teachers because of it. These conversations have a profound impact on our students and their academic performance but the one thing that keeps us from meeting regularly is TIME. All the PLC experts suggest that an hour of guaranteed time to collaborate a week is sufficient. Unfortunately, due to the length of period times (36-40 minutes depending on the school) and prioritizing student needs during scheduling, we struggle to give that quality time to our teachers to allow them to maximize their PLC time. For this reason, for the 2022-2023 school year we are bringing back Late-Arrival Mondays. For those of you who know me, you know that any decision that I make for the district my first thought is the impact that it will have on the students and their families. I am passionate about the PLC process, and I know that it will have a direct impact on our student achievement. I would not be asking my families for a late-arrival Monday if I did not believe in it. I know that pushing back arrival an hour on Mondays could potentially create hardships for some of our families. That is why we are offering the option for families to drop off their children if they have a work-related day care issue. If you have a work-related day care issue, all you need to do is contact your building principal and we will make arrangements for you to be able to drop your child off at school prior to the Monday 8:45am arrival time. Example: you work out of town and have a long commute. You have no one to watch your child in the morning and you must leave for work before 8am. Dropping your child off normally at 7:45am works but there is no way you can drop them off at 8:45am and be to work on time. Give your building Principal a call. We will work with you! For all other families who would not have a conflict, the only thing that happens for you is that everything gets pushed back an hour. If your child gets picked up by the bus normally at 7am, now it would be at 8am on Mondays. If you drop your child off at school between 7:45 – 8:00am normally, now you will be dropping them off between 8:45 – 9:00am on Mondays. I want to thank you in advance for your support of the district and our decision to bring back Late-Arrival Mondays. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at Yours in service, Tom
3 months ago, Tom Crook
Canisteo-Greenwood Elementary school will open its doors to children age 18 and under regardless of where they live or go to school for breakfast & lunch starting July 5th through Aug. 12th. Breakfast is from 8am to 9am and lunch is from 11am to 12pm. Thank you.
3 months ago, CGCSD
Summer meals
Reminder to all Parents-In observation of Juneteenth all Canisteo-Greenwood Schools will be closed on Monday, June 20th. Enjoy your day!
4 months ago, CGCSD
Elementary Parents- Tomorrow is Awards Day. Please park in the back parking lot and use the gym entrance. Kindergarten-8:30am, 1st Grade-9:25am, 2nd Grade-10:05am, 4th Grade-10:45am, 5th Grade-11:25am, TK/PreK-12:45pm, 3rd Grade-1:25pm, 6th Grade-2:05pm.
4 months ago, CGCSD
Due to ongoing electrical issues at the BOCES Wildwood Campus, all AFTERNOON and EVENING CTE classes are now canceled for Thursday, June 9th. Junior BOCES students will be dismissed from CG after their 4th period class.
4 months ago, Tom Crook
Unfortunately the BOCES Wildwood Campus was unable to rectify their electrical issues today so all MORNING and ALL DAY classes are CANCELED again tomorrow, Thursday, June 9th. A decision will be made by 10am for the afternoon classes. Senior CTE students are expected to attend their core afternoon classes at CG.
4 months ago, Tom Crook
Due to ongoing electrical issues at the BOCES Wildwood Campus, all AFTERNOON and EVENING CTE classes are now canceled. Junior BOCES students will be dismissed from CG after their 4th period class.
4 months ago, Tom Crook