College Applications

~ Many college applications can be found in the guidance office - just ask.

~ Most colleges have their applications online - be sure to check this out, some colleges are waiving the application fee if you apply online.  Fees range anywhere from $10 - $75 or more....

~ If you qualify for free or reduced lunch you may be able to get a fee waiver for college applications, be sure to ask about this as well!

~ Most colleges have deadlines for their applications, please do not wait until the last minute - you may be surprised at how fast some programs fill up!

~ When you have completed a paper application, bring it to the guidance office we will mail it and an official transcript for you.

~ When you have applied to a college online, please let us know - we will need to send an official transcript!

*****Every time we mail an application or are notified you have applied online, we immediately mail an official transcript! If you receive notification that a transcript is needed from the college that you have applied to, kindly let us know and we can send it again. First, YOU should call the admissions office of the college, as many times your paper work has gotten separated*****