New York State Physical requirements

Students who are planning on participating in a school sport will need the following to be eligible.  These requirements also include tryouts.

1.  A current physical must be on file in the health office. 

Physicals are considered current for 1 year until the end of the month in which they were done. 

Sports physicals are done for students in need in the health office by the district physician.  Your child will be notified and scheduled for the physical during school hours.

If you prefer,  your child may have the physical done by your family physician.  Please note that a copy of the physical must be turned in to the health office.  Physicans notes stating that your child is cleared to play will not be accepted in lieu of the physical. 

It is recommended that your physician use the New York State physical form.(please click on the link for a copy of the form.)

2. An Interval Health History For Sports Participation must be turned in to the the health office before the start of the season. (click link for a copy)

All students who wish to try out for and play any sport must be cleared by the school nurse.  Students may not particpate until cleared.

Please note:  additional clearance from the district physician or your family physician may also be necessary if there is concern over your child's ability to participate safely.  (i.e. illness,  previous, injury)

Please feel free to contact me at 607-698-4225 ext 2407 between 7:45am-3:00pm with any questions

Vicki Krisher, R.N.

CGCSD High School