High School Virtual Learners

CGCSD REMOTE LEARNING @ HOME is a remote learning opportunity that will allow students to engage in high quality learning experiences, utilize instructional resources and meaningfully connect with their teachers and other students. All activities will be designed to meet the needs of the student in the online environment through differentiated experiences that are consistent with those of their grade-level peers attending face-to-face.

High School students will be using Microsoft Teams as the platform to interact with teachers. Click here to access Microsoft Teams

Classroom Team sites are only for teacher-to-student interaction and contact. Parents should not interact with teachers or students through Classroom Teams. Parents and guardians should talk with their students about joining video meetings before they occur. Here are a few key points to talk about:

• Discuss where students will be located while participating in a video meeting and who might be visible on the camera.

• Remind students to wear school-appropriate attire.

• Remind students to turn off their camera and mute their microphone prior to joining meetings.

• Let your student know if you do not want them to turn on their camera.